Trial Cultivation of Cordyceps fungi on substrates


In 2014, Vinh Phuc Centre for scientific and technology application researched and developed the project " Trial Cultivation of Cordyceps fungi on substrates ' after the appoval of Vinhphuc People's Committee. The centre have imported 400 variety jars and implemented the artificial growth of Cordyceps fungi in laborary with the optimum conditions of temperature, light and humidity. The result has shown that the growth and development capacity of fungi in artificial media are good.

In the cultivation of Cordyceps fungi fruiting-bodies, four pivotal growth periods are usually identified: mycelial culture, pigment induction, stromata stimulation, and fruitingbody production. In the first stage, mycelial culture is grown in darkness with temperature from 24-27 degree celcius. Growth under these conditions should be for 12-15 days. After mycelial covers all the surface of substrate turning to second phase of pigment induction. In this step fungus containers is placed under light for 24/24h. Light is the most important environmental factor affecting Cordyceps production. The fungus should grow under those conditions for 15-18 days. After this phrase, grow under lighting condition of 12h light/dark cycle of 700-1.000lx. The optimal humidity and temprature are 75-80% and 22 degree celcius respectively. Check and examinate daily during growth period to remove microbial contamination jars.

After two months of growth, Cordyceps fungi can be havested. After havesting Cordyceps fungi should be freeze dried to keep form and color.

In December 2014, provincial joint acceptance committee highly assessed the results of the project and proposed to boost the expansion of artificial growth of Cordyceps fungi in Vinhphuc province.

Editor: Tien Dat - Translator: Tran Hao