Promote science and technology application in agricultural and rural development


In recent years, agricultural production in Vinhphuc province has significant changes and gained important results due to the scientific and technological application. In cultivation field: almost all households have applied new crop  on production such as new rice varieties; hybrid corn varieties and new sweet potato varieties. Many others also are used in commercial production after researching; experiment and having recomendation from research organisations likely tomato variety grafting on egg-plant tree; watermelon variety grafting on gourd tree; planting sugar cane on unfertilized hilly land and till now it has been building centralized areas to plant sugarcane; building and developing brand name, expanding scale of safety vegetable production according to Vietgap standard...

Raising animals: many techniques have been applied in production and bring high economic effectiveness; most of farmers use new breeding including pork breed; beef breed and poultry. Biotechnology has been applied to treat agricultural waste...that helps to protect the environment.

Beside the advantage results, science and technology application also has some limitation including science and technology application activities are not comprehensive and synchronous; the scale of production is too small and decentralization, production model with large scale and high economy is rare.

In order to promote science and technology application in agricultural production in near future it is needed to improve awareness of committee member, public authoroties, society organisations and people about the role of science and technology in industrilisation and modernisation promoting period; building and perfecting mmechanis and policy system, training and developing human capital for agriculture sector; strengthen connection amongs farmers, managers, scientists and entrepreneurs so that science and technology will become dynamic for agricultural and rural development in particular and socie-economic development in general.

Editor: Thu Huyen - Translator: Tran Hao