Current situation and solutions to strengthen the management of operating registration of science and technology organisations in Vinh phuc province


Executing agency: Vinh Phuc Department of Science and Technology
Head of project: Tran Nguyen Ly
Executing time: 2011

Research content

Assessing the status of operation, scientific and technological operating registration of public science and technology organisations and enterprises having activities related to science and technology in province

Proposing some solutions to improve the effeciency of state management on science and technology toward these organisations

Research results

Upto the time of surveying, Vinh Phuc has 59 organizations under some departments and agencies working in S&T sector independently. Most of them are public science and technology organisations which were established and operated since subsidized period with the missions of research and building technical and economic norms for sectorial state management and serving for farmers and rural development. The scale of those organisations is small and weak with limited research and development capability. Currently, most of the financial resources of these organizations are directly funded by the state or funded through science and technology projects/ programs managed by state agencies. When the policy on transfering state-owned science and technology organisations into self-control and self-responsible machenism was enforced, these organisations are still confused and flinched.

The current situation of registration and issuing certificate of scientific and technological operation registration in Vinh phuc during recent years: upto now, Vinh phuc department of science and technology has issued 16 certificates of operation registration for 16 organisations and individuals working in science and technology field across the province. This is small number comparing to total number of organisations and individuals in the province operating in this field.

The major causes of limitation are: lack of mechanisms and policies for science and technology development; capacity of advocacy and management agencies on science and technology is weak; unsatisfactory investment and market potential for science and technology.

Some of measures to strengthen the management of science and technology activity registration are: to promote and improve the effectiveness of science and technology organisations; to improve the effectiveness of state management on science and technology organisations; to promote scientific and technological propagande and strengthen the coordination of management on science and technology organisations


The research results has systematized the important rationale and legal basis for the operating registration of S&T organizations and evaluated precisely the current registration status of these organizations in the province. Base on the research results, some solutions are susgested to enhance the state management in S&T field and to improve the operational efficiency of S&T organizations in the province in the near future are proposed.


For central level: it is needed to continue improving and inovating mechanisms and policies with the view of creating favorable condition for science and technology organisations; and public S&T organizations are further empowered to be self-control and self-responsible.

For local level: enhance guidance and cooperation among branches and levels in assessing and classifying S&T organizations in line with development orientation of sectors and the province. To strengthen potetial of science and technology organisations; continue focus on investment in these organisation to improve their capacity.

Editor: Thu Thuy - Translator: Tran Hao