Applying the production process of microbial product, Biomix1 to handle agricultural waste in Vinh Phuc province


Execution Organisation: Vinh Phuc Centre for application of advanced science and technology Head of Project: Phung Thi Nga Implementing time: 2011

Research content

Assess the current situation of environmental pollution and the agricultural waste handling practices of Produce the Biomix1 at the Centre, carry out technique guidance and supply Biomix1 to the localities of the province.

Research results

After synthesizing and assessing general situation and based on specific situation of production and environmental pollution of each locality as well as the approved quantity of the Biomix1, the Centre has produced the Biomix1 and has built technical manual to guide farmer when delivering the product. The results as follows:

- Has produced and supplied to localities 15.000kg of the Biomix1 with quality, quantity and properly packed

- In districts of Tam Duong, Tam Dao and Binh Xuyen, the Biomix1 is primarily granted to compost solid waste of livestock and poultry since farmers in these localities raise livestock and poultry in large-scale farms.

- In Vinh Tuong and Yen Lac districts, the Centre has instructed farmers to use the Biomix1 to compost straw in the field. The result shows that the straw has decomposed quickly and formed a layer of nutrient-rich organic fertilizer for cultivating and loosening the soil.  

- Because farmers in Lap Thach and Song Lo districts firstly approached to the Biomix1 for composting agricultural waste, the Centre has directly guided with hands-on practice. Thus, the farmers already know how to use the Biomix 1 to compost animal waste to reduce stench and air pollution when they received the product.  

Survey results show that the stench from animal waste is completely reduced after 7-10 days of composting and the waste is decomposed fully after 20-25 days. Besides, agricultural waste such as rice straw and the remaining of vegetable is decomposed after 20-35 days and ready to use for agriculture.


Using the Biomix 1, an environmental friendly product, in livestock waste treatment has solved environmental problems as well as generated a source of rich organic fertilizer to promote a better agricultural development and pest control. Furthermore, in the context of increasing fertilizer price, the recycling of agricultural waste into fertilizer will help to reduce production costs as well as create agricultural products with high quality and healthy. The research results are the basis for the Centre to develop the production of the Biomix1 to handle environmental pollution, to serve agricultural production and to achieve sustainable development.


For the biomix1 is used widely and effectively, it is suggested that all levels, sectors and localities should pay more attention in communicating, technically instructing and continuously expanding the project to other areas in the province to help farmers recognize the benefit of the Biomix 1 and use it as a good habit in rural environmental treatment.

Editor: Thu Thuy - Translator: Tran Hao