Building, protection and development labels for several traditional products of Vinhphuc


1. Vinh son snake

- Products from snake such as: alive snake, snake’s meat, snake’s skin, venom, snake glue, snake soaked in alcohol…have high economic values

- Consume market: domestic and export to other countries, mostly to China

- Vinh son has been admitted as a traditional snake village by Vinhphuc People’s Committee and there is an area of 20,87 ha using for centralized snake breeding. Vietnamese handicaft village group has been admitted that Vinh son is one of 12 typical handicaft villages over the country

- There are 03 companies and 02 snake breeding and processing cooperative society establishing in Vinh son commune

2. Long tri rice

- On 01/08/2008, Tam duong people’s committee issued the decision no 2244/QD-UBND on establishment of Long tri rice production society with total of 106 members.

3. Preparing the documents to register the collective label of products: The project has prepared 02 files for the registration of 02 products in compliance with the law.

Issued protection certificate: On 14/11/2008, Derparment of intellectual property issued the decision approved Certificate on collective label registration no 113741 for Long tri rice production group and Certificate on collective label registration no 113742 for Vinh son snake village group.


- Provincial people’s committee continue support about strategies, policies in order to implement programs, projects related to conservation  and development of special and tranditional products of province.

- Local authorities, groups and member should strengthen relationship, search for information and suppose solutions in order to support in production, cultivation, processing, preservation, packing, management and market development for those products that have protected intellectual property rights.

Translator: Tran Hao - Vinh Phuc Dost