Trial Cultivation of Cordyceps fungi on substrates (06/08/2015)

In 2014, Vinh Phuc Centre for scientific and technology application researched and developed the project " Trial Cultivation of Cordyceps fungi on substrates ' after the appoval of Vinhphuc People's Committee.

Promote science and technology application in agricultural and rural development (26/02/2015)

In recent years, agricultural production in Vinhphuc province has significant changes and gained important results due to the scientific and technological application.

Building new sweet potato variety planting models with high quality in Vinh Phuc province (19/11/2014)

Executing agency: Field crops research Institute Head of project: Doctor. Truong Cong Tuyen Project term: from 01/2012 to 12/2013

Current situation and solutions to strengthen the management of operating registration of science and technology organisations in Vinh phuc province (06/08/2014)

Executing agency: Vinh Phuc Department of Science and Technology; Head of project: Tran Nguyen Ly; Executing time: 2011

Applying the production process of microbial product, Biomix1 to handle agricultural waste in Vinh Phuc province (31/07/2014)

Execution Organisation: Vinh Phuc Centre for application of advanced science and technology Head of Project: Phung Thi Nga Implementing time: 2011

Building, protection and development labels for several traditional products of Vinhphuc (13/06/2014)

Head of project: Ngo Khanh Lan Implementation Organisation: Vinhphuc Department of Sicence and Technology Implementation year: 2008