Conservation and development of Camellia and Morinda Officinalis in Vinhphuc Province


1. Golden Camellia is a species of plant in the Theaceae family. It has unique medicinal effects researched by many Chinese scientists. With over 400 chemical compositions that are good for human body health. Golden Camellia is proved to have sound medicinal effects in regulating human blood fat, blood sugar and blood pressure, restraining thrombosis, improving blood circulation, preventing cardiovascular and brain diseases, as well as improving immunity of human body.

Golden Camellia

There are about 26 Golden Camellia species in Vietnam, growing maily in some provinces including Vinhphuc, Tuyen Quang, Thai Nguyen, Hoa Binh, Quang Ninh, Lang Son, etc.

2. Morinda officinalis How grows wildly in almost all moutainous provinces in north part of Vietnam. The plant adapts with eco condition. It can be havested after 5 to 7 years of growing with average productivity of 12 kg roots/plant, the more time of growing the more productivity gains and the medicinal quality is better.

Morinda officinalis How is the herbal medicine which have been used with the nutrition value and enhancing vital force for men. This herb has been grown in the North provinces of Viet Nam and people used their alcohol extract to drink.

Morinda officinalis

In Vinhphuc province, the conservation and development of two these herbs are concerned. Several projects are implemented such as "Building models of preservation and development of medicinal plants in Vinhphuc" to serve the conservation these plants.

Some products from these plants are studying for comercial production in future such as Golden Camellia, Morinda officinalis How tea, cosmetic from Golden Camellia, Morinda officinalis How alcohol.

Editor: Duc Tho - Translator: Tran Hao