Application of Biomix1 substance on treatment of raising animal enviroment and rural enviroment


Head of Project: Phung Thi Nga

Execution Organisation: Vinh Phuc Centre for application of advanced science and technology

Execution time: from 2010 to 2013

Research results

Environmental polution has been becoming an urgent issue in rural areas of Vinh phuc province recent years. The causes is from agricultural waste, raising animal waste and lack of people' awareness in environmental protect.

Base on these conditions, from 2007, thanks to the helps and technology transfer from Environmental Technology Institution, Vinh phuc centre for application of advanced science and technology has researched and produced sucessfully Biomix1 substance. Biomix1 micro-biological substance adding to waste treatment process will help to reduce the time of digestion; ease odor emissions from waste treatment process; kill germs in waste. Comparing to other imported substance, Biomix1 has more advantages such as: good quality; low price; easy to use; suitable to waste treatment from rural areas; guarenty biological safety. 

This subtance has been used to treat agricultural waste in most of districts in province and got good results. It also has been applied on treatment of waste from raising activities. During 4 years from 2010 to 2013, through scienc and technology tasks, the Centre has proceduced nearly 100 tons of Biomixe and supplied for farmers within 9 districts in province in order to.

Due to those advantages of Biomix1 as well as the efforts of the centre’s staffs, the Centre had received Dat Viet Talent Award in 2013.a


Provincal People’s Committee and Science and Technology board should continue supporting finance to implement projects in order to improve environmental quality in raising activities and rural areas.

Translator: Tran Hao - Vinh Phuc Dost