Rural waste treatment model by NFI-05 incenitor


Implemention Organisation: Vinh Phuc Department of Science and Technology

Head of Project: Ngo Khanh Lan

Execution time: 2013

Research Results

Base on real conditions of waste treatment in rural area in Vinh phuc Province, Deparment of Science and Technonolgy supposed a pilot model for domestic waste treatment with capacity of 10 ton/day, suitable to charecteristic of unclassified waste at sources

Domestic waste ---> collect and transfer to site in order to classify ---> drying waste ---->burning waste---->ash---->bury

NFI-05 incinerator using natural gas is proceduced in Thailand with Japanese technology has working life of over 30 years; suitable to population areas of 15.000 people and meeting the exhaust air certificates. The capacitiy is about 120-450 kg/h. operating 24/24; small dimention; Donot need to use fuel such as coal, oil or electricity. Cost for maintain and operation is very low; requiring only 4 m2 for installation. Another module can be installed to incease capacity of waste treatment. This technology helps solving the problems and disadvantages of landfill method. Time for install and operation is short, only 2 hours since the site is ready.

Up to March 2014, Vinh phuc Department of Science and Technology has invested and operated 02 incenirator at Tam Hong and Tho Tang. By the end of 2014, continuing investment and build 03 incenirator at: Lap Thach, Tam Dao and Yen Lac


Domestic waste treatment model using NFi-05 brough high economic effective. Operating proceduce is simple and convernent for residents in rural areas.


Need to have plans for centralised waste treatment areas. People's Committee has mechanism and policies supporting for organizations to invest and maintain operation NFi-05 incenirators.

Translator: Tran Hao - Vinh Phuc Dost