First insurance technology service launched in Vietnam


INSO Vietnam Joint Stock Company on December 19 officially introduced its insurance technology service named INSO – the first of its kind in the country.

INSO app (Source: VNA)

A totally automated insurance application for mobile phones, INSO allows customers to choose insurance packages based on their requirements and evaluate assets themselves. An electronic insurance certificate is then immediately sent to the customer’s email.

Indemnity processes will be automatically implemented following available formula, thus reducing procedures for customers. The time needed to file a claim will be shortened to just 15 minutes.

In addition, customers can see their insurance history to protect their health and assets as well as enjoy lower insurance fees for the upcoming years.

INSO uses advanced technologies such as OCR, computer vision and deep learning to quickly resolve insurance applications.

In addition to traditional insurance products including automobile insurance, health insurance, home insurance and asset insurance, INSO also provides totally new products such as flight delay insurance, love insurance and shipping insurance.

The app is available on both Android and IOS.- VNA