Functions and tasks of Vinhphuc Department of science and technology


To submit to provincial people’s committee, chairman of provincial people’s committee the draft of decisions, directions, strategies, long term development plans; five-year plans, annual plans; project; implementing the tasks of administrative reform in the field of science and technology.

To contribute ideas, guide, examine and organize the implementation of legal documents; strategies; plans; mechanisms and policies after they are approved by authorities; inform, propagada, guide, poplulizing, educate law on science and technology;.

To coordinate with other departments, agencies, sectors in areas and related organisations to propose the list of national science and technology tasks that serve the socio-economic development in province

To organise the selection, assessment and supervison and post-acceptance of science and technology tasks; promote application activities, anounce and propaganda science research resutls and technology development; manage key science and technology tasks in province; to chair and cooperate with other oganisations to implement the distribution of investment capital for science and technology development;

To examine and monitor the spending of state burget on science and technology activities in province in accordance to the state burget law.

Regarding intellectual property: to organise the implementation of measures to promote industrial propety, initiatives; to guide individuals and organisations in province to carry out industrial property business.

To carry out measures for protecting lawful interest of the State, organizations and individuals in the field of industrial property; chair and coordinate with other departments, branches, and agencies in province to deal with the trespass on industrial property rights in province as stipulated by law

To inspect, examine and deal with the breach in the field of science and technology to organisations and individuals as stipulated by law; adjustment of claims, prevent and fight against corruption and waste as stipulated by law and assigned and grand authority by provincial people’s committee.

To manage the declaration and statistic of radioactive sources, radioactive equipments, radioactive waste in province in accordance to laws; to organise the implementation of monitoring and dealing with radioactive and nuclear problems in province