Research on development some specialty grapefruit varieties with high quality in Vinh Phuc towards commodity production


Executing agency: Centre for Research and local development (Ministry of Science and Technology)

Head of project: Associated Professor, Doctor. Le Tat Khuong

Project term: from 2011 to 2013

Research Content

- Assessing potential and propose the grape-fruit crop area in Vinh Phuc province

- Determining 2 to 3 high quality grapefruit varieties with the potential of development into commodity products in Vinh Phuc

- Building commercial grapefruit production model (Dien and Da Xanh grapefruit) and convertible models from low economic value gardens into Dien grapefruit or other high economic value tree gardens.

Research Results

- Climate and soil conditions as well as geographic location of Vinh Phuc Province are suitable for planting Grapefruit towards development of commodity production. In recent years, there have been many households planting grapefruit spontaneously. Some of them gained success and improved their income; however there are still many shortcomings including variety management and advanced technology application in planting and looking after grapefruit.

- In 2011, the project has conducted a survey and selected some households in Yen Lac district to pilot grapefruit planting models. The participated households were selected based on economic conditions, soil, labor and desire of grapefruit production development while they were formerly planted low economic value trees such as bananas, corn, papaya, and beat-trees. In 2012 the project has developed a new crop area of 11 ha, of which 10 ha of Dien grapefruit and 01 ha of Da Xanh grapefruit. In 2013 the project planted another 12.97 ha of Dien grapefruit, over-plan 0.97 ha.

Photo: Viet Hung - Vinh Phuc Dost

After 3 years of planting and monitoring the growth of 5 grapefruit varieties including Da Xanh, Dien, Phuc Trach, Nhat 1 and Nhat 2, the results show that Da Xanh, Phuc Trach and Dien grapefruit varieties have growth ability better than other varieties. Regarding to the flowering and fruiting: Dien grapefruit has highest rate of flowering and fruiting rate and their average number of fruits/tree surpasses that of the remaining varieties. General assessment shows that Dien, Da Xanh and Phuc Trach Grapefruit are suitable to plant in Vinh phuc.


Vinh Phuc has advantages of soil and climate conditions consistent with the ecological requirements of grapefruit. The province also has convenient geographical location for development of grapefruit towards production commodities. In Vinh Phuc, there are some households growing Dien grapefruit successfully with high productivity and economic value. However, the spontaneous development shows shortcomings, especially in the selection of varieties and the application of technological advances for the tree care, and pest control.

Initially, the project has selected three kinds of high quality grapefruit including Dien, Da Xanh and Phuc Trach grapefruit to put into the crop structure for the province. The project has completed 4 additional intensive cultivation techniques to increase yield and quality as follows: (1) breeding process; (2) planting and take care process; (3) harvest process; and (4) post harvesting preservation process. The project also organized 6 training courses for 40 communal staff and and 180 participated households and organized 02 hands-on training courses for 80 participants in two districts of Yen Lac and Vinh Tuong.


Grapefruit is a perennial fruit tree, so in the early years its yield and quality is unstable; therefore, to find out the grapefruit varieties suitable to the natural conditions of the province, it is needed to keep working on it in the next coming years in order to have precise, objective and comprehensive conclusions.

Dien grapefruit is a high value fruit variety with the high potential of growth and development in Vinh Phuc. Thus, the province should plan to expand Dien grapefruit planting acreage as well as issuing policies on promoting and supporting Dien grapefruit as a key fruit variety of the province.

The project has built a 25,8 hectare model of planting Dien grapefruit and it still needs more technical and finance supports to promote its efficiency.

Editor: Viet Hung - Translator: Tran Hao