Success from model of planting Morinda Officinals for comodity production in Tam Dao


Vinhphuc is the place having variety natural medicinal materials, expecially in Tamdao moutain where the climate and natural conditions are suitable for growing of plants for pharmaceutical purposes. However, due to the overextraction of this natural resource, the ecosystem of Tam dao forest has destroyed and exhausted in recently. Meanwhile, the demand of using those plants for traditional medicine is also increasing rapidly. As a result, in 2014, Vinhphuc Farmer Assocciation proposed a project of "Building Morinda Officinalis planting model for comodity production" with the area of 0.72ha, involving 5 households in the two communes Dao Tru and Dai Dinh - Tam Dao.

Photo: Viet Hung

During the implementation, Farmer Association sended techical staffs to guide every household how to improve garden, and grow plants; guiding technique of choosing variety; looking after trees, making frame, building irrigation system; monitoring and checking, recording the growing and development of plants

With the desity of 70 plants per sào, start growing from Feb to Mar, after 6 to 7 months plants will cover all the frame. Assetting the growing and developing process of the plants shows that  Morinda Officinalis is suitable to fertilized and humidity land. At the early stage, the plant tolarates in shade but when it climbs to frame it needs more light to develop.

After one year implementing the project shows that Morinda Officinalis grow and develop well in Tam Dao. The plants are strong,   and can be havested after 3 years with average capacity of 1.5kg/root. With average price at 135thousand VND per kg, the effective of Morinda Officinalis is 2-3 times higher than the effective of other plants such as such as cassava and sandalwood. With the success of this model, it will be initial to build other models for other medicial plants. And Tam Dao will be the area supplying enough demand of medicinal materials both inside and outside province.

Editor: Phung Van - Translator: Tran Hao