Building pilot model of planning sugar cane on the infertile hill land in Song Lo district


Executing agency: Song Lo Farmer Association

Head of project: Nguyen ngoc Khang

Project term: from 2012 to 2014

Research results

In 2012 and 2013, a total of 70ha of sugarcane were planted with 04 sugarcane varieties (QD21, ROC 22, QD15 and ROC 23) and 160 farmers participated in the project. After  two years of implementation, it showed that the yield and quality of sugarcan varieties met and even exceeded the targets. Yield of sugarcane reached over 60 tonnes/ha, sugar content was over 8% CCS. However, due to hilly terrain, infertile soils as well as water for irrigation depending on rainfall completely, sugarcane yield in the model was at an average yield of country and lower than the yield of sugarcane in the world average.

In 2014, the project has monitored and guided technique of taking care for the households participated in  the project in two years 2012 and 2013. Furthermore, the project also conducted evaluating, comparing of experimental varieties experiment over the years in terms of productivity, quality, economic efficiency and adaptability of each type to soil and climatic conditions.

Through monitoring the growth and development of sugarcane as well as germination time and rate of sugarcane varieties it has showed that there are no major differences among varietes. The yield of QD2, ROC22, QD15, and ROC23 varieties are 62 tons/ha (over the expectation of 02 tons / ha); 65 tonnes / ha (over the expection of 05 tons/ha); 65.6 tons / ha; 60.5 tons / ha, respectively. Regarding to the quality of sugarcane varieties, all of them meet the requirement of standard sugarcane varieties that are fresh, clean, no pests, no dry, uninfected aphids and sugar content reaches from 8%CCS.

After 3 years of planting sugarcane has shown that the benefits of planting sugarcane crop is better than other local trees such as eucalyptus, cassava .... It also improved income for local people.

Editor: Việt Hưng - Translator: Tran Hao