Success from model of planting Morinda Officinals for comodity production in Tam Dao (31/12/2016)

In 2014, Vinhphuc Farmer Assocciation proposed a project of "Building Morinda Officinalis planting model for comodity production" with the area of 0.72ha, involving 5 households in the two communes Dao Tru and Dai Dinh - Tam Dao.

Conservation and development of Camellia and Morinda Officinalis in Vinhphuc Province (11/09/2015)

Golden Camellia is a species of plant in the Theaceae family. It has unique medicinal effects researched by many Chinese scientists. With over 400 chemical compositions that are good for human body health.

Building pilot model of planning sugar cane on the infertile hill land in Song Lo district (22/12/2014)

Executing agency: Song Lo Farmer Association Head of project: Nguyen ngoc Khang Project term: from 2012 to 2014

Application of Biomix1 substance on treatment of raising animal enviroment and rural enviroment (29/03/2014)

Environmental polution has been becoming an urgent issue in rural areas of Vinh phuc province recent years. The causes is from agricultural waste, raising animal waste and lack of people' awareness in environmental protect.

Rural waste treatment model by NFI-05 incenitor (29/03/2014)

NFI-05 incinerator using natural gas is proceduced in Thailand with Japanese technology has working life of over 30 years; suitable to population areas of 15.000 people and meeting the exhaust air certificates. The capacitiy is about 120-450 kg/h.